How to join our mission

Maybe you are therefore wondering how you can contribute towards our vision of ensuring that all underprivileged girls in the slums and rural Kenya  remain in school and do away with the stigma associated with menstruation.

We accept both material and cash donations of all kinds through our various networks and mobile money transfer services.

We would love it if you would chip in with a few sanitary pads here, a few hundred shillings there…it would go a long way in ensuring that our mission is a success, ensuring that we not only keep these girls in school, but also empower them for a better society tomorrow.

We also love impacting the lives of these girls by giving them motivational talks in an effort to defeat the stigma associated with menstruation, therefore you might see it wise also to accompany us in one of our many field visits  and experience the joy of impacting a life firsthand.

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